Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unreliable Author (FINAL)

Nick Reynolds
September 28, 2014
Class: C
Unreliable Author

            I could not bear to see this ugly man. He had just moved here from Arizona and supposedly liked playing soccer like me and the rest of my friends. He wasn't very good though. In fact, he was terrible. The shape of his face bothered me and his presence just fueled my temper. All of my friends loved him however. They were always hanging out with this man and playing soccer with him. They have completely ditched me. They blew me off for some ugly guy who is horrible at soccer. Soon they spent every day hanging out with this man. The more I think about him the more my boiling temper rises. What’s so special about this man? I tried not to think about it. My friends asked me to go play a pick-up game of soccer with them like we have always done, just the four of us. But then as I walked closer, I looked up to discover the unpleasant view of the ugly beast that stood before me. That man was right there playing soccer with MY friends. When I asked to join they told me I couldn’t because the teams would be uneven.
            It was officially the worst day of my life. My friends betrayed me. They plain out ditched me for some ugly freak. I told them to stop being friends with this man, but they kept saying that Apollo was cool and they liked to hang out with him. I decided to ponder around town, aimlessly walking, trying to think of a way to end this. As I got home I sat in bed and thought of the perfect plan. I was going to have them all over and end this for good. The next morning I decided to invite everyone over including Apollo. We were going to watch the final of the world cup. As we were all sitting there on my couch cheering on the team we wanted to win, all of my friends had to leave because they all had homework. Apollo did not however and he decided to stay alone with me and watch the world cup. I was not looking forward to this.
            We were both very hungry and even thought I hated the man, I decided to order pizza for both of us. We got two large cheese pizzas and devoured them instantly. The man looked at me and said “thank you very much for buying me pizza and allowing me to watch the world cup at your house”. I slowly replied with a soft “you’re welcome” and we continued to watch the game. Being from the US we both supported USA for soccer and in this world cup, they were in the finals. It was the 90th minute and the US had a free kick against Germany. Before we knew it they had scored and won the game 1-0. Apollo and I were hugging and cheering with grins on our faces.
I hate to say it, but I was having a great time with Apollo. But soon I snapped out of it and remembered why I had him come over my house in the first place. The man was distracted by the television so I grabbed my baseball bat as I came down the stairs. I slowly snuck behind him and winded up for a blow to the back of his head! But something stopped me. I couldn't do it. I realized that he was actually a very nice man and I had a lot of fun hanging out with him. Just as I was about to hit him with the bat, it slowly slipped from my hands and there was a soft thump.      

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short Story

Nick Reynolds
September 18, 2014
Short Story

The Lonely Giraffe
          There once was a giraffe named Mike, who lived in the savannas of Africa. He only had one friend and that was himself. Mike was very depressed because none of the other giraffes wanted to play with him. Where he lived, he loved to play soccer. Soccer was by far his favorite thing to play, but it was difficult for him because no one would ever want to play with him. Every day he would dribble the ball around by himself while the other kids would make fun of him and shout mean things like “Hey fatty you are terrible at soccer” or “We’ll never let you play with us cause you’re a loser”. This made Mike very sad and sometimes he would run away bawling his eyes out.

One day when he was extending his neck to eat a delicious looking leaf, someone from behind him said “Do you want to play soccer with me?” A burst of excitement filled Mike’s eyes and he quickly replied with a yes. They both went to play pass and the other giraffe introduced himself as Alejandro. Alejandro told Mike that he and his family had just moved here from Brazil and he did not have any friends here. He also told Mike that he had a passion for soccer and soon after they were playing soccer with each other every day. All of the other giraffes made fun of Mike and Alejandro but this time it didn’t bother them because they knew they had each other…until moments later when they got hunted and were killed by an African tribe. The End

Friday, September 19, 2014

Self Deprication

Nicholas Reynolds
September 16, 2014
Self Deprecation

          I have always had a tendency to overreact when playing video games. This happens especially when playing FIFA 14. Something about getting scored on drives my temper to the point in which I am yelling into the microphone and cussing at the television.  Some people would tell me “it’s just a game”, but in my head I tell myself that it is so much more than a game. It is my life. It is something I enjoy playing and have spent so much time on.

          The score is 1-1 and it is the 90th minute, game just about to end in a tie…then all of a sudden my opponent cuts in and out of my defense making them fall over as if they were pins struck by a bowling ball. His player cocks back his leg and rips a crackling shot just under the crossbar flying into the net. My goalie, not even moving, was completely stunned. Moments later the referee calls the game. It is over, and I have lost, the final score being 2-1. At this point I was fueled.

          Without hesitation I scream and start cussing at my television. That was not enough however. I throw my controller at my wall, putting a dent in it and breaking my controller in the process. The battery pack breaks off of my controller and shoots across my room. Then I hear my mother screaming “What was that”?
I immediately start yelling at her and becoming more and more heated. She does not understand that I have just been relegated on ultimate team, which means I drop down a division and need to start all over battling my way to the top.

          Out of all of this anger, I decide it is time to move on from FIFA. I decided to do what any other FIFA player would do at this point, and that is snapping my disc in half. Goodbye FIFA. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Nicholas Reynolds
Class: B
September 10, 2014
Creative Writing Essay

            Eugene was a very intelligent teacher from a famous place in Britain. He was a science teacher with great skill and remarkable talents. Everyone looked up to him for his handsome looks and his sophistication. Eugene was always a creative person and he loved to invent new things. One day he decided he wanted to invent something amazing. He started working on a new invention. He had been working with many scientists on finding cures for diseases. He decided that he was going to make a device that would cure every disease. He thought he had invented a laser that he would shoot a people and it would immediately cure anyone of disease. Like all great scientists would do, he tested it on one of his test monkeys. What happened next was remarkable.
 He soon discovered that it had somehow changed the monkey’s interns into alcohol! The monkey was drunk out of his mind. As the doctor went to grab the monkey, it went crazy and bit Eugene! He started to feel funny inside and then before he knew it, his interns were alcohol too! Soon the doctor and the monkey were on a rampage biting and infecting all of the British people. Everyone was soon infected and they all became drunk. This outbreak was all over the news and within moments, the whole world was aware of this spreading disease. Left and right the British people were being infected. It spread like wildfire. Suddenly the initial lab test monkey slowly fell to his knees and died. Soon after that, the scientist Eugene died as well. Before we knew it, the whole British population decreased and everyone died. Eugene never would have thought that his invention could harm anyone, but now the whole British population has to pay for his mistake.